Delavnica “Asane in tehnike marma masaže”, ki jo izvaja Tarun Sharma iz Indije:

  • petek, 16. oktobra 2020 ob 18h v Genjoga Studiu na Mesarski 18, v Ljubljani.
  • cena delavnice je 35,00 eur, izvaja se v angleščini. Prijave sprejemamo na do zapolnitve prostih mest.


The use of pressure points for massage and acupuncture has become a popular topic in natural healing today. Marmas are the key energy centers for the practice of yoga on all levels from yoga postures ( Asanas ) to deep meditation ( Dhyana ). Yoga postures affect the energy help in limbs, joints and spine, which all contain important Marmas.

Asanas (yoga poses) and self healing Marma massage is a great way to combine both Asana yoga practice with some important pressure points through our body. Asanas can be used to stimulate and balance Marma points in the body in various ways.

With all the knowledge gained about yoga and Ayurveda in many years I prepared a workshop where you can take care of your body with Asana practice as well as with a gentle pressure point massage on your body parts using your own body pressure.

According to Ayurveda studies everything starts from the body  (good or bad). If the circulation is good then the chances of getting certain ailments or illnesses of body/mind are smaller and with the help of Marma massage we can keep the circulation in our body in balance to have a calm nervous system.

Benefits of Asana and Marma Energy Point Massage

Marma Points for Head are good for Relaxation/ Releasing Stress and Depression.
Marma Points for Face are good for Breathing and Sinuses Blockages.
Marma Points for Neck are good for Vessels Circulation.
Marma Points for Back are good for Back Pain and sciatica.

Proper Full Body Marma Points massage helps in Balancing Vata (Air)/ Pita (Fire) and Kapha (Water and Earth).

Marma points massage is recommended for people of all ages and its beneficial for everyone in keeping the circulation smooth and effective.

In this workshop I will present how lots of marma points can be pressed and manipulated by ourselves and thus help our nervous system relax.

If you receive the Marma Massage of full body at least 3 to 4 times a month or once a week. You will feel a great change in your body.

The workshop is led by Tarun Sharma, Registered Yoga Teacher and Massage Therapist from India.

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