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Yoga & Mindfulness 6 week course in English starts on Tuesday 12th of September

Price: 78,00 EUR. The course is held every Tuesday at 19.30 in our Geneyoga studio in Ljubljana, Mesarska 18. Apply to
The course is appropriate for both beginners and also for people who are already introduced to yoga or mindfulness. The focus of the course will be on practicing basic yoga sequences, breathing techniques (pranayamas) and mindfulness meditation techniques. In addition also restorative asanas and yoga nidra practice will be introduced at the end of the class. The mats and props are available in the studio.

Yoga course in English is created for people who do not speak Slovenian and cannot participate in our other classes. Knowledge of basic english is sufficient. The course is designed to be appropriate for both beginners and advanced students. The style of classes are mostly flow/restore, breathing and meditation/mindfulness techniques.

During this course, you will get to know basic physical postures or asanas and yoga sequences. In addition, we will practice different breathing techniques or pranayamas. The focus throughout the course will be to link the movement and the breath. By actively flexing and engaging the muscles, we will build strength and flexibility of the body. Breathing techniques will help you to get in touch with yourself and flow easily into  mindful meditation state.
Thus you will be able to resist and control everyday stress. With complete practice of both, you can achieve mental clarity and inner piece. Overall, this yoga course will help you to:
– improve your flexibility and muscle strength
– drain your lymph and boost immunity
– increase your blood circulation
– control your blood pressure and blood sugar levels
– manage stress and relax
– promote better sleep
– improve concentration
– guide a healthier lifestyle
– increase your self-esteem…
The teacher will guide you through your practice and development by giving you all the tips, guidelines and recommendations you will need.
Warmly welcome are also people who speak Slovenian, but would like to expand their knowledge and experience of their yoga practice by taking classes in English.
Come and have fun discovering yourself on the mat!
The course is led in English by Tarun Sharma (RYT), certified and internationally experienced yoga teacher from India.

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